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Suru's saga

This is not just my story, it is our story. 

I've always felt like a bit of an outsider - the odd one out.

Or that is until I found music, and we became best friends, BAEs. Where ever I went, my BAE came along with me. We gave each other comfort, sense of safe and a way to process scary and unfamiliar feelings.

And finally it was like we needed each other; music needed me as much as I needed it. It needed to be heard, so it started channeling through me, maybe so we could tell our stories to the world - together.

You can listen to the saga as songs; every episode has it's own title song,

and read more about them here. I hope the stories give you inspiration and comfort if you're a loner just like me.


You are with BAEs now, pinky-promise.

So, lets begin...

P.S. There's a hidden preview link to my first song at the website, see if you can find it :)

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