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Suru's Saga

This is not just my story, it is our story. 

I've always felt like a bit of an outsider - the odd one out.

Or that is until I found music, and we became best friends, baes. Where ever I went, my bae came along with me. We gave each other comfort, sense of safe and a way to process scary and unfamiliar feelings. 

And finally it was like we needed each other; music needed me as much as I needed it. It needed to be heard and it started channeling through me, and that's when I started my own musical saga. But I've never wanted to be the face of my music. I've always felt that the music I create is nothing for me to embody. After many twists and turns I ended up building a character to give a face to that fictional entity "Music", which later on became Suru Bae and then started to create a story around that character. 

The stories and productions are easy for me to make, because they reflect me on situations when I spent time with music, my bae. Now I just imagine it as a character. Like coming home from school, being alone, waiting for my mom, but never feeling truly alone, when singing over Massive Attack or Björk on MTV, or later on watching tutorials about music production at my first studio. I love playing around with my own experiences and turning them into fiction and creating the spaces where I can sometimes visit my own musical history and youth in a bit of an experimental way.


I wanted to give the character a name that somehow reflects emotions, so I ended up naming her one of the strongest feelings ever; Suru (Sorrow in Finnish). It states the fact that music has been my most loyal friend, even when things go dark. And for me as a sensitive and creative person, it’s a real struggle sometimes.

At some point I caught myself thinking that someone else might need a bae too, but have not yet discovered it might not be another human, or that you can find one within yourself. 


You can listen to Suru's Saga as songs; every episode has it's own title song, and read more about them here. I hope the stories give you inspiration and comfort if you're a loner just like me.


You are with BAEs now, pinky-promise.

So, lets begin... 


- Tiiti, The Author

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